11 oct. 2012

We've been told whats good and bad, but we haven't been taught  to discern between them. We haven't been taught to analyze, to make objective statements, to conceptualize, to reach and look beyond within ourselves.

Weve been taught to accept, to question within boundaries (that which is out, is attribuited to faith and devotion), to respond to stereotypes. Taught to follow trends. We've been so fucked up that we even think this is cool.

We've been taught to take the easy way; the fast way. There's no merit in self empowerment. Money is a reflection of success, we've been taught. Get more, buy more, want more... More more more.

Don't listen to yourself! Listen to us!
We have what you want, what you need. We have video games, shoping cards, sugar based "food", heart desease, an amazing lifestyle at a super low cost just made up for you. Come, but please leave your inner voice out, it'll just ruin the whole fun.

Building strong personal human assets, encouraging self worthiness and self esteem, emotional stability and individuality (within conscience of a global community) are not of praise and approval.

Just buy more, get more, talk more and by an uncanny act of magic, you will be more. Isnt that something?

...i just haven't got to the television part.

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